Tuesday, November 26, 2013

blog retirement

just over five years ago, i was a wee college student looking for an outlet to write and keep a "diary" of my life. confessions of an enginerd was born. now, it's time to put this blog to rest.

thank you to everyone who helped with surviving the college all-nighters, smiled on our wedding day, swooned over our baby girl, and supported me along my career path.

an even deeper thank you to those of you that supported us during the hard times. thank you for providing shoulders to cry on as i was diagnosed with thyroid tumors, struggled with fertility, and had a miscarriage. many thanks for offering mountains of advice when difficult situations arose. you have all meant the world to me.

alas, the world doesn't revolve around me anymore. between my husband, daughter, profession, and book writing, i have significantly less time and energy to keep up with blogging. i'll delete this blog in the coming weeks and months, but wanted to bid farewell first. so here goes...

so long. farewell. auf wiedersehn. goodbye.